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I’ve always been an open book. Even the people, who try to read me, still can’t figure out the context of my story.

I grew up being a very broken child.  With the pain and struggles I’ve gone thru, it helped me develop my tough skin. I was rebellious. I was blunt, raw and real. Always unapologetic. I was open minded and I knew what I wanted. I had a big heart with a lot of compassion for others, but I didn’t give two shits about what others thought and who the fuck they wanted me to be.  I knew who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way. Shoot for the stars, baby!

Then one day, you get an invitation from Society to attend a Masquerade Ball. There’s a mask in the box. You must wear it to the event. Everyone is masked to conceal their true identity. Ready to play the game?

UnMasked2Soon enough, the environment I surrounded myself with was suffocating, and I couldn’t breathe. I ended up being immune to the toxicity, and learned how to tolerate with the fake bullshit. I had become a prisoner; trapped behind this mask. Insecurities grew bigger, flaws revealed and I let fear take control. Why did I have this weakness to go seek for approval? In my mind, in order to win acceptance, I had to act and behave a “certain” way. 

The mask was putting a certain distance between me, myself and I. The “purpose” of this mask was to please others, but the problem was that it didn’t serve a purpose for me. It was doing more damage than helping me. Inside I felt sad, depressed and empty. But my outside exterior was this front I had put up just to make others happy, accept their limited beliefs, and stay inside their small, closed minded box. I had become this puppet, and I was putting up an act. I think it’s time for me to wrap up the show. I will not be anyone’s puppet no more. Cut the strings, take off the mask; I am free.

I was wearing a mask for so long, that I forgot who I was beneath it.


It seems like no one can escape the pressure to confine in social situations by choosing a certain identity to wear. We let fear control us and therefore we have the inability to be authentic; to convey our emotions, thoughts and opinions without judgment. It’s time to change that. 

Taking off the mask can be incredibly challenging, especially when you’ve been wearing it for quite some time. You start confusing your persona with the real YOU. Start by learning to love and accept yourself. Flaws and all. Unraveling your true, authentic self takes time and effort, but it can be done. Take off the mask, put up the middle finger and have a glass of scotch with me. Join me. Start a movement. #UnMasked. 




Own up to who you really are.

It’s time to take off the mask and see the real me.

This is my story. D.G.I.F.U

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14 thoughts on “UnMasked”
  1. minneth chanco January 2, 2016 on 12:12 AM Reply

    Everyone of us go through something at some point of our lives and sometimes all we want is to escape or continue wearing our mask. It’s a choice we have to make. Cheers my friend! Good job on this very inspiring article.

  2. Shawn January 2, 2016 on 12:16 AM Reply

    It seems as tho the author read my mind. There is no way I could have said it better. Tru writing genius!
    Much love, thank you

  3. Mike January 2, 2016 on 12:56 AM Reply

    The blog feels like someone who.has a lot of pain in her life and is not afraid to express it. Attack one day and goal at a time and don’t let the past define you.

  4. liza January 2, 2016 on 1:35 AM Reply

    My boss ass sister can overcome anything. Can’t wait to see your next blog post.

  5. L January 2, 2016 on 1:53 AM Reply

    Shed the mask. Now shed the clothes. Reveal the inner beauty that’s beneath the skin xD

  6. Alex Mangini January 2, 2016 on 2:01 AM Reply

    About time. Keep ’em coming, Zamora!

  7. Bethany January 2, 2016 on 3:40 AM Reply

    This is a very good start, and it is very deep and inspiring. Everyone hides behind a mask, and so although this blog is personal to you it is also something that many people can relate to in their own different ways. I can’t wait to see what more you post on this blog, as I can see it going very far! I love it! 🙂

  8. Benny January 2, 2016 on 3:55 AM Reply

    You will be successful in life Mama! Just gotta stay focus and don’t let nothing hold you back! We all have obstacles in life that will try to hold you back but we just gotta learn from it and make it the best.

  9. Aunty January 2, 2016 on 2:11 PM Reply

    Powerful and inspiring! I’m very proud of you and know you will break out of the box to stand in the sun. Make your life-changing decisions with careful and thoughtful consideration and you will find your way. Love you❤️

  10. Nilo -NY January 2, 2016 on 7:18 PM Reply

    I know everyone has their own battles to overcome and I have known you for a short time. I must say that you are a strong warrior and you have made it. I have tons of respect for you and wish you the very best for your future.

  11. C.A. January 3, 2016 on 5:00 AM Reply

    “Start by learning to love and accept yourself. Flaws and all. Unraveling your true, authentic self ..” Exactly what everyone needs to do! Beautiful post, you’ve made yourself so vulnerable, allowing us to get into your mind. Well written piece!

  12. Jeffrey January 3, 2016 on 8:34 PM Reply

    This is so true! Most of us feel like this and and feel like we’re alone. There are more people who have these thoughts and believe they have to wear the mask. “Society” changes the rules all the time and we change our masks to go along with it. We should drop the mask as you said, start the movement! #Unmasked

  13. Faldora January 3, 2016 on 11:00 PM Reply

    The hardest part of life is finding your purpose, your voice, yourself. But once you find it you will find yourself defending it. I love your blog! I look forward to reading more. Much love chica.

  14. Marlaine Mills January 11, 2016 on 2:34 AM Reply

    Only when we accept our individuality can we experience true freedom. They way out is found within. Finding your unique purpose will allow the journey to begin. Keep doing you KZ !

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